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SELLY prototype

Where/when: Bologna, 2008
Infinity Entertainment for Granarolo Sales Force
Design team:
Eugenia Benelli, Infinity Entertainment, Zube

Web tool for the Sales Force of Granarolo. Infodesign and web prototype for the corporate intranet.
Strumento web per la forza vendite del Gruppo Granarolo.
Knowledge & performance management con segmentazione del target interno. Sviluppo dell'architettura dell'informazione e
del prototipo per la intranet aziendale.

Images courtesy of Infinity Entertainment.



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First Steps

My curiosity always leads me to search for new questions about 'how things work'. I’ve found my first answers studying Architecture.

ICT thoughts

After a couple of years of work in the ICT field, I’ve started to think that space ergonomics is not so far from web usability…here comes my i(n)tera(c)tive approach to design in different fields of application.

About experience

I began to investigate people behaviour, working on creative organizational development, communication and managerial education for about three years. From here my experiential approach to design.

Still evolving

My production is now affected by an “eco-drift” in the industrial design field. I’m trying to find new design solutions, more open to people interpretation, innovating behaviours with a bit of environmental care.

Find Me

I'm on Behance networkDelicious social bookmarkingFlickr photo sharingLinkedinI'm a selected artist at Giovani artisti italianiFollow me on TwitterPlay for food eat for freeMy IssuU libraryMy videos on YouTubeMy favors.me

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