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Palette all'International Conference on Designing Food

Written by Eugenia Benelli

Palette at the International conference for designing food

Designing food 2012

Palette - The Art Tasting Kit by Sylvie Renault and Eugenia Benelli (Play 4*) has been selected for the International Conference on Designing Food and Designing for Food, London 2012.

The event follows the 1st International Symposium on Food Experience Design held on November 9th, 2010 at London Metropolitan University. The symposium was a representation of the multidisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity of design about the experiential knowledge of food. Through six presentations from very different disciplines, the symposium created a panorama of the variety of disciplines that all contribute to Food Design.

The Food Design Conference now wants to expand this concept to academics, researchers and professionals and research students from around the world. The conference Topics will be: Food Product Design, Design With Food, Food Packaging, Interior Design For Food, Food Events Design, Food Science, Food and Five Senses, Emotional Food Design, Food System Design, Experiential Knowledge, Food Service/Management, Food Design History and Food Styling.
We are now working on the Paper and the multi-media Paper for the conference proceedings.

The conference will be held on 28-29th June 2012, London Metropolitan University 16 Goulston Street, London E1 7TP., more info will follow soon.

>>More info on Food Design 2012

Palette - Il Kit artistico per la degustazione d'Arte di Sylvie Renault e Eugenia Benelli (Play 4 *) è stato selezionato per l'International Conference on Designing Food and Designing for Food, Londra 2012.

L'evento segue il 1 ° Simposio Internazionale sul Design della Food Experience che si è tenuto il 9 novembre 2010 alla London Metropolitan University. Il simposio è stato una rappresentazione della transdisciplinarietà, multidisciplinarietà e interdisciplinarietà del design applicato alla conoscenza esperienziale del food. Attraverso sei presentazioni di settori molto diversi, il simposio ha creato una panoramica della varietà di discipline che contribuiscono al Food Design.

La Conferenza di Food Design ora vuole espandere questo concetto ad accademici, ricercatori, professionisti e ricercatori provenienti da tutto il mondo. I Temi della conferenza saranno: Product Food Design, Design con il cibo, Food Packaging, Interior Design For Food, Eventi di Food Design, Scienze degli Alimenti, Cibo e Cinque sensi, Food Design Emozionale, Food System Design, Conoscenza esperienziale, Food Service/Management, storia del Food design e Food styling. In questa fase ci stiamo occupando del Paper e del multi-media Paper per gli atti della conferenza.

La conferenza si terrà il 28-29 giugno 2012 presso la London Metropolitan University, 16 Goulston Street, London E1 7TP., maggiori informazioni seguiranno a breve.

>>Ulteriori Informazioni su Food Design 2012

Last Updated on 11 February 2012
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