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The work of Eugenia Benelli

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Amoroma suites Website

Amoroma suites B&B 2013
Deseo Home Bed & Breakfast Giovanni Battista Rea - Wachtmeister Werkstatt Website
Deseo Home B&B 2013
Wachtmeister Werkstatt 2013
Business Coaching a Roma Lozzi - concept per l'abitare website
Business Coaching a Roma, Programma 2013
Relive Moviement 2012 - Videomakers
Lozzi - concept per l'abitare website E.VA. Energie Valsabbia website
Lozzi - Concept per l'Abitare 2012 E.VA. Energie Valsabbia 2012
Tenuta Monte Moscano - Location eventi Website SocialDesignPoster - International competition website
Tenuta Monte Moscano - Location eventi 2011
SocialDesignPoster - Contest 2011
Keyevent - Location eventi Website Visual Designers - Visual factory website
Keyevent - Location eventi 2011
Visual Designers - Visual factory 2011
Il Borgo di Sempronio - Albergo Diffuso Website Overlook international short film festival Website
Il Borgo di Sempronio - Albergo Diffuso 2011
Overlook International Short Film Festival 2011
Ravi Wadin Art & Sound Studio website Doble a Tango Website
Ravi Wadin - Art & Sound Studio 2011
Doble A Tango 2011
Eventa Group website Jekore website
Eventa Group 2011
Jekore 2011
Atelier Designtrasparente website Salvatore Polito's website
Designtrasparente 2010
Salvatore Polito 2010
Paolo Lecce - investigatore privato Euday - wedding blog
Paolo Lecce Investigazioni 2010
EUDAY - wedding blog 2010
KAB - Egyptian Handmade Trimmings website Virtual Architecture Master Course website 2010
KAB - Egyptian Handmade Trimmings 2010
Virtual Architecture Master Course 2010
Orti di Anguillara website Pimby website 2010
Orti di Anguillara 2010 Pimby, revamp 2010
This website Horo, italian design trademark
My website 2009
Horo, Italian design trademark 2009
Pimby, national prize Fly Events Rome
Pimby, Please In My BackYard, national prize 2009
Fly Events Rome 2009
Agriturismo del Ponte Applied general and special e-education
Agriturismo Del Ponte 2009
Applied general and special e-education 2008
Granarolo Sales Force Lilt web portal
Granarolo Sales Force 2008 Lilt web portal 2008


Evopark prototype
Evopark 2006-2008


Selex TeTHris, intranet application Italcementi edutainment tool
Selex Comms TeTHris, intranet application 2009
Italcementi Group edutainment tool 2008
Infinity Entertainment website Infinity UE website
Infinity Entertainment website 2008
Infinity Unconventional education website 2008


Roche demons Cicatrici short film
Roche demons 2009
Cicatrici short film 2009
Raabeart lab My website
Raabeart lab 2006
My web site 2006
Spiagge della Sardegna Eddy intranet
Spiagge della Sardegna, Regione Sardegna, 2006
Eddy intranet, Enterprise DA, 2006
Enterprise corporate website Spallanzani hospital website
Enterprise DA corporate website 2006
Spallanzani web portal 2005
Penelope helpdesk
Penelope, Arma dei Carabinieri helpdesk, 2005

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First Steps

My curiosity always leads me to search for new questions about 'how things work'. I’ve found my first answers studying Architecture.

ICT thoughts

After a couple of years of work in the ICT field, I’ve started to think that space ergonomics is not so far from web usability…here comes my i(n)tera(c)tive approach to design in different fields of application.

About experience

I began to investigate people behaviour, working on creative organizational development, communication and managerial education for about three years. From here my experiential approach to design.

Still evolving

My production is now affected by an “eco-drift” in the industrial design field. I’m trying to find new design solutions, more open to people interpretation, innovating behaviours with a bit of environmental care.

Find Me

I'm on Behance networkDelicious social bookmarkingFlickr photo sharingLinkedinI'm a selected artist at Giovani artisti italianiFollow me on TwitterPlay for food eat for freeMy IssuU libraryMy videos on YouTubeMy favors.me

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